Computer Repair Prices

ArrayComputing.Net uses flat rate pricing rather than hourly billing.

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Remote Support via Instant Housecall and Telephone

We offer local and nationwide remote support. If you’d prefer not to have to carry your PC into the shop and would like the problem to be resolved via remote support then this is another viable means of having the computer issue fixed. The remote access connection is accompanied by a telephone call so that we can communicate as the problem is being worked on. Virus Removal, PC Optimization, Driver errors, PC Errors, Email Setup and Software configuration are some of the issues that can be handled remotely. Call us at (910) 795-0064 or toll free at (888) 421-6940 for a free estimate! (A high speed DSL or Cable Modem connection is required for this service to work). The remote support prices are the same as the in-house prices, but with the benefit of not having to bring your computer into the shop.

InHouse Support

Diagnostic Fee – $40.00
This initial fee is applicable to any rendered service and is charged for diagnosing the problem with the computer and/or other associated devices (e.g. network, printer, etc.)

Depending on the diagnosed issue, the following services are offered at an additional cost.  The additional payments of these services are only applied after the technician successfully  completes the additional service requested.

PC Tune-Up – $60.00
General cleanup, driver and Operating System updates, clean up registry, check file system for errors, ensure integrity of system files to help boost your computer’s performance. Also ensure latest Browser, Adobe and Java are installed. Remove extraneous add on toolbars (e.g. Ask, Yahoo Toolbar, etc.) that are added by default when certain free software is installed.

Operating System Re-installation  – $65.00
This service is available when windows won’t reboot or is very slow due to corrupt files caused by malware, deleted files, or other data corruption that might have happened as a result of not shutting down properly, etc. The data on the hard drive is backed up. The hard drive is formatted, and then the operating system is reinstalled.  All service packs, updates, security patches, etc. are then applied. Afterwards, the data is copied back to the appropriate directories.  The customer will be responsible for reinstalling their applications like MS Office, Quickbooks, or other 3rd party applications.

Software Installation and Troubleshooting – $65.00
Installation of software and/or troubleshooting of software that isn’t working properly.

Virus/Malware Removal – $70.00
Remove all traces of malware and potentially unwanted programs, repair virus-related issues, and generally clean up and update the operating system.

Networks – $80.00
Wireless Home Network Setup and Troubleshooting of your existing or newly purchased hardware. Troubleshooting of existing Hard wired LAN connections. (Running ethernet cabling not included.)

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting - $70.00
Setup and/or troubleshoot printing.

Memory Installation - $35.00
Install customer’s purchased memory into their desktop or notebook.

Hard Drive Installation and Transfer of Data to new Hard Drive - $75.00
Install customer’s purchased hard drive and transfer data from old hard drive to new hard drive.

Transfer of Data to new Hard Drive Only - $50.00
Transfer data from old hard drive to new hard drive.

Internal Cleaning of PC - $45.00
Even a thin layer of dust can sometimes cause computers to overheat.  This service includes opening the casing and cleaning dust and debris from the motherboard, plugged in cards, power supply, memory, and processor.

Internal Cleaning of Notebook – $50.00
Even a thin layer of dust can sometimes cause computers to overheat.  This service includes opening the notebook casing and cleaning dust and debris from the motherboard, plugged in cards, power supply, memory, and processor. The cost for this service is $20 more than PC’s as notebooks can be much more complicated to disassemble and reassemble depending on manufacturer.

Website Hosting and Design

Domain Hosting - $10.00 per month
Let ArrayComputing.Net host your site and make minor edits at your request. Alternatively, an account ID and password will be provided so that the business owner can make their own updates if desired.

Small Business Website Design - $275.00
This offering is for a 3 to 4 page website for your business (e.g. Home, Price Information, About, etc.). We are living in the electronic information age where customers expect a business to have a website where they can find out more about your company’s offerings. ArrayComputing.Net will be happy to work with you to build a site that reflects the services that your business provides.

Computer Tutoring - $65.00
If you need training in how to use your computer’s operating system, or a particular website, back office, or application then ArrayComputing.Net can help. Sessions are flat rate and generally last from an hour, to an hour and 1/2. The information is conveyed over to you in a way that you can comprehend. At the end of the tutoring session you will have more confidence in handling the particular computer tasks without feeling lost.

Smartphone and Tablet Tutoring - $65.00
Trying to figure out how to use your smartphone or tablet and feeling overwhelmed? ArrayComputing.Net provides excellent instruction in helping you understand your device’s capabilities so that you can utilize the technology to it’s full potential. Do you have a specific application that you need to understand how to use like an invoicing application, mileage tracker, etc.? ArrayComputing.Net can help you learn how to utilize the application so that you can comfortably integrate it’s use into your business or personal life.

If the particular technical issue for your concern isn’t listed here then customers are encouraged to  contact ArrayComputing.Net to discuss. If it is a service that ArrayComputing.Net can perform then a quote will be provided.